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All About Seaweed!

Seaweed is easily available from a quick scour of the internet. However, cheaper seaweeds, even if they are classed as organic, can be 'storm-cast', hauled dead off the beach, dried at temperatures exceeding 100C or be old and nutritionally decomposing. Also the water quality can be an issue as seaweeds are very good at absorbing heavy metals and contaminants! In very recent years, the Food Standards Agency has had to withdraw contaminated seaweed on more than one occasion which should not have entered the human food chain.

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We believe passionately about the power of seaweed and we wanted to bring you the finest grade seaweed from the cleanest waters. Having looked at a number of sources, we believe we have chosen the best. The waters around the Scottish Outer Hebrides are the cleanest in the world. In addition, the standards in operation which cover wild plant management, harvesting, handling and processing not only ensure that all EU Food Guidelines are met, but in particular results in a product with much higher levels of the most delicate nutrients including vitamins, phenols and antioxidants, compared to conventional methods of production for the same species.

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It is harvested and packaged within 12hrs, having been dried at very low temperatures (less than 42°C) to ensure nutrients remain intact. Because of the low drying temperatures, it is classed as a Raw Food. Our process and careful harvesting ensure that our product is much more nutrient dense than similar products from other producers.

Our harvesters work closely with Scottish Natural Heritage and Scottish Environment Protection Agency to ensure that the seaweed harvesting is sustainable and environmentally friendly, and has won awards for environmental excellence. The Crown Estate Marine Business Award highlighted the harvesting as a 'true model of sustainability'. The drying and milling process takes place in a food grade production facility, with ISO certification to ensure supply chain traceability.

The seaweed and the water is regularly tested for contaminants to ensure confidence in safety and reliability of the product. There has been no product recall in the last 14 years.

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