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Seaweed Research & Academic Links

The internet can present a wealth of information, however it is increasingly difficult to filter out the wheat from the chaff. During our research we came across a whole host of information, some excellent, a lot good, but regrettably some of it was just plain bad.

To save you some of the pain we went through in learning to distinguish the good from the bad, we present these links as trusted information sources that you can use to inform yourself.

Please send us any new relevant research you have, we will add any relevant links about seaweed, but only if they are from trusted sources.

We have collated press links about seaweed here.
Our favourite blogs & social media links are here.

(All the links below will open in a new window.)

EU FIC: Seaweed – exploring its dietary value
The EU Food Information Council is the be all and end all of food regulation in the UK, this article is a great brief introduction to seaweed as a food.
Scottish FHIS: Sea Vegetables for Health
A great overview from the University of Aberdeen looking at the health benefits of sea vegetables, including seaweeds and algaes.
www.foodhealthinnovation.com/media/19916/sea_vegetables_february_2013.pdf (Large PDF download)
from: http://www.foodhealthinnovation.com/my-sector/fish-seafood.aspx
UN FAO Fisheries Technical Paper 441: A guide to the seaweed industry
United Nations in-depth overview of uses of seaweed.
Napiers: Tired All The Time? Seaweed and your thyroid
A fully referenced great talk by Monica Wilde of Napiers Herbalists discussing iodine and the thyroid.
U.S. NIH: Iodine
U.S. National Institutes of Health fact sheet on iodine, for health professionals
Sheffield Hallam University: The potential health benefits of seaweed and seaweed extract
Great technical overview of the health benefits of seaweed consumption.
Newcastle University Press Office: Fat-busting seaweeds identified
Press release introducing research into how seaweed alginates can prevent fat absorption.
Newcastle University Biomedicine: Tooth protection from the sea
Press release introducing research into how seaweed can prevent plaque formation.
Sheffield Hallam University: High salt levels in food could be banished by seaweed
Press release introducing research into how seaweed can be used to replace salt in food, both as a flavour enhancer and as a preservative.
Sheffield Hallam University: Weight of evidence behind seaweed-enriched bread
Press release introducing research into how seaweed can improve satiety, and so aid weight loss.
NHS Choices - Behind the Headlines: How seaweed could slow the obesity tidal wave
Great NHS article explaining the science behind the research, and how to interpret the results.
The Seaweed Site: information on marine algae
Fantastic resource for information about seaweed species.
British Phycological Society: a charity devoted to the study of algae
The world leading British society, exploring all things seaweed, scientifically.
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