Why Use Seaweed Pet Supplement?

The correct daily nutritional balance is the foundation of sustained health and wellbeing, yet little checks are done on the nutrtional quality of pet food or animal feed, beyond the legal minimum. Important nutrients can be missing, or in too low a quantity to be effective, in whatever quality of feed is used.

Seaweed, through its concentration of trace elements found in the sea, provides a firm foundation of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and beneficial bacteria that will enhance any diet.

Not only can seaweed ensure the entire range of micronutrients vital to growth, performance and disease resistance are present, it does this without the dangers of deficiency or toxicity which may accompany formulated feed additives.

The beneficial bacteria obtained from seaweed will improve gut condition, which in turn will enhance immunity and the uptake of other feed nutrients, particularly in low grade feed.

Kibble or complete animal feed can vary widely in its nutritional composition – particularly the cheaper blends – using our seaweed supplement is an excellent way of adding essential trace minerals, including iodine, that may well be lacking.

Seaweed, through its iodine content, can stimulate the thyroid which is the major organ involved in the metabolism and also improve skin and coat condition. It can help calm nervous animals, it has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities, and will help remove heavy metal contamination from the body.

The plaque fighting power of some types of seaweed has been known for several years now, daily use over 4 – 8 weeks will loosen hard calcified plaque deposits on your animals teeth, a simple brush and a light scrape will then remove it all – without the need to put your pet under anaesthetic at the vets!

Easy to use – just sprinkle the seaweed granules once daily onto your dog's food, using the supplied scoop to measure out the correct quantity.

Economical - each 50g tin contains approximately 125 scoops, which will typically last a 20kg medium size dog over 4 months on a topup regime.