Pet Supplement 50g Tin

FlaVit Pet Supplement 50g Tin

Eaten by people and fed to animals for thousands of years, seaweed is Nature's original vitamin capsule!

Our supplement is 100% raw seaweed, completely natural and pure, and when added to your animals normal diet will provide a foundation of essential vitamins and nutrients.

Kibble or complete animal feed can vary widely in its nutritional composition – particularly the cheaper blends – using our seaweed supplement is an excellent way of adding essential trace minerals, including iodine, that may well be lacking.

Animals fed on raw food or BARF diets may well be deficient in iodine – unless specific care is taken to feed chicken necks (containing the thyroid gland) etc, your pet may not be getting enough.

Produced in a food grade facility to EU Human Food Standards, every batch tested & approved safe for human use.

Adds a foundation of vitamins, minerals (especially iodine), amino acids, essential fatty acids and antioxidants to any food.
100% seaweed, no additives or preservatives.
Allergen free and completely Vegan.
Grown and harvested sustainably in Great Britain.

Packaged in a reusable stackable tin, and includes measuring scoop. Net contents 50g.