FlaVit Pet Supplement

Pet Supplement 50g Tin

Animals whose diet includes natural access to seaweed are often noted to be particularly healthy, with a shiny coat and strong hooves or claws. Seaweed is not only an excellent source of a broad spectrum of natural vitamins, minerals and trace elements to support health and vitality in all mammals – in a natural, easibly digested bio-available form, it also has many other beneficial effects through its interactions on gut flora and health.

The correct daily nutritional balance is the foundation of sustained health and wellbeing, yet little checks are done on the nutritional quality of pet food or animal feed, beyond the legal minimum. Important nutrients can be missing, or in too low a quantity to be effective, in whatever quality of feed is used.

Seaweed, through its concentration of trace elements found in the sea, provides a firm foundation of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and beneficial bacteria that will enhance any diet.

Not only can seaweed ensure the entire range of micronutrients vital to growth, performance and disease resistance are present, it does this without the dangers of deficiency or toxicity which may accompany formulated feed additives.

Our seaweed is not the usual animal grade product – it is produced to human health food standards, tested thoroughly for contaminants and pathogens, and certified allergen free.

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