FlaVit Seaweed Pet Supplement 50g

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Pure wild Hebridean seaweed for use as a supplement to any diet.
Adds a foundation of vitamins, minerals (especially iodine), amino acids, essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants to any food.
100% raw seaweed, no additives or preservatives.
Allergen free and vegan, great for BARF or Complete feeding regimes.
Grown and sustainably harvested in Great Britain.

Eaten by people and fed to animals for thousands of years, seaweed is Nature's original vitamin capsule!

Kibble or complete animal feed can vary widely in its nutritional composition – particularly the cheaper blends – using our seaweed supplement is an excellent way of adding essential trace minerals, including iodine, that may well be lacking.

Our seaweed is not the usual animal grade product – it is produced to human health food standards, tested thoroughly for contaminants and pathogens, and certified allergen free.

Easy to use – just sprinkle the seaweed granules once daily onto your dog's food, using the supplied scoop to measure out the correct quantity.

Economical - each 50g tin contains approx 125 scoops, which will typically last a 20kg medium size dog over 4 months using a Topup amount.

Less than 12 hrs from harvesting to packaging. Dried at low temperatures to retain all the goodness. Food grade seaweed, produced in a food grade environment. Classified as a raw food and tested and certified allergen and contaminant free, with the surrounding waters being given Certified Water Quality status. No preservatives or additives.

FlaVit Pet Supplement is suitable for all mammals and birds.
Ingredients: raw sustainably harvested Ascophyllum nodosum
(Protein 6%, Crude Fibres 41%, Fat 2%, Incinerated Residue 25%)

Please see here for details on how to use.
Please see here for nutritional information.

1 x 50g £5.99


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