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How to Use FlaVit Seaweed Seasoning in Your Cooking

It's easy, just sprinkle! Add it to anything and everything – savoury or sweet!

   add into bread doughs, stir fries, cake mixes, smoothies and marinades
   stir into casseroles, soups, mash and rice
   sprinkle onto eggs, omelettes, cereals and roast potatoes

The list is endless! Use to taste, but aim for 1g (¼ teaspoon) per portion in savoury dishes and a little less in sweet dishes.

In our household we keep our pot of seaweed with the salt and pepper cellars next to the cooker and pretty much add it into everything! When we're cooking savoury dishes we add it in at the same time as the other spices and herbs. For a family of four, about a level teaspoon is about right, but adjust to taste.
With sweet dishes, it's just added when mixing up the main ingredients, the same with batters and doughs and we aim for about half a teaspoon. For sprinkling on roast potatoes, portions of fish, chicken etc before they go into the oven, we use it in the same sort of quantity as if we were giving it a good seasoning of pepper.
Add it in at the start of the cooking process or you could even add it in at the end. You can't really go wrong and remember, every sprinkle is adding instant goodness!

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Some quick ideas for adding seaweed to any meal:

Breakfast - homemade bread (substituting the salt with seaweed) and a bowl of chopped fruit with seaweed and seeds sprinkled on top.

Lunch – soup or omelette made with seaweed, salad with a dressing made with added herbs and seaweed (or mixed into a shop bought salad dressing).

Snack – homemade cakes and biscuits with seaweed added into the mixture or stir seaweed into houmous and serve with oatcakes.

Evening meal – add seaweed to your favourite stirfry or casserole, serve with chopped potatoes roasted with seaweed and herbs. Apple crumble with seaweed mixed into the crumble.

And with our seaweed, you have the added reassurance that its coming from the cleanest waters in the world, regularly tested (both the waters and the product), using a unique harvesting process where only the freshest growth is used (a bit like picking tea) which results in a much higher nutritional quality than other seaweeds available.

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Its Vegan, Kosher, Halal, Paleo, low FODMAP and certified Allergen Free!
100% Seaweed Raw Food – nothing added, wholly natural.

Have a look here to see some example recipes..

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