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About Us!

We started FlaVit, a small family business, as we wanted to put our energy into something that we really could believe in and be passionate about, something that would add value to people's lives. Also, having reached a certain age, you start to become more aware of the ageing process and the importance of good health, good food and nutrition – realising that prevention is better than cure.

After becoming aware of the benefits seaweed could offer, we went to the beach, gathered some seaweed, dried and milled it, and used it in our cooking (please don't try this yourself, unless you are very confident about the water quality).

Within a very few days, we started to notice the effects – health wise, it was like taking a vitamin pill every day – only more so - but from a culinary point of view, we were simply astounded! Seaweed's ability to boost the flavours of our everyday meals – every meal became a taste sensation!

We quickly became convinced, and felt more people should be aware of this fantastic ingredient – and so we created FlaVit to get seaweed into every kitchen!

Research into the subject very quickly pointed out the pitfalls – seaweed is incredibly good at extracting nutrients from seawater, but this ability also means that it soaks up any pollution also – so water quality is paramount. We source ours from the pristine waters of the Outer Hebrides in Scotland, which is regularly tested and which we believe are some of the cleanest waters in the world! Every batch we produce is fully tested for contamination and harmful mineral content.

Of the 650 species of seaweed found around the UK there are only a couple that whilst are not toxic, could be harmful if eaten – however, there are quite a few more that don't necessarily taste any good! Additionally, we need a species that is in plentiful supply, is easily accessible, and can be sustainably harvested.

Ideally, a species should have the broadest and most balanced range of nutrients available, which narrowed the suitable species down to a small list. After balancing all the requirements, one species – Ascophyllum nodosum trumps all the others and also happens to have a lot of active, ongoing research - so in the future even more benefits will become known!

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