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FlaVit Seaweed Seasoning 50g

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Pure wild Hebridean seaweed for use a flavour enhancer and salt replacement.
Adds a foundation of vitamins, minerals (especially iodine), amino acids, essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants to any food.
100% raw seaweed, no additives or preservatives.
Allergen free. Vegan, kosher, halal and great for Paleo diets.
Grown and sustainably harvested in Great Britain.

Just Sprinkle on the Goodness! Add it to anything – savoury or sweet! Use to taste but aim for 1g (¼ teaspoon) per portion.

Complete or partial salt replacement – low in sodium.
Enhances Flavour – increases Umami.
Adds a foundation of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and anti-oxidants in a natural, bio-available state to any food.

Less than 12 hrs from harvesting to packaging. Dried at low temperatures to retain all the goodness. Food grade seaweed, produced in a food grade environment. Classified as a Raw Food and tested and certified allergen and contaminant free, with the surrounding waters being given Certified Water Quality status. No preservatives or additives.

FlaVit Seaweed Seasoning is allergen free and suitable for use in all special diets including Gluten Free, Dairy free, Nut free, Wheat free, Vegetarian, Vegan, Macrobiotic, Diabetic, Kosher, Halal, low FODMAP and Paleo.

Packaged in a reusable stackable tin with product window, net contents 50 servings.

1 x 50g £4.99


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